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Fishing at West Nipissing Resort, Lake Nipissing, Ontario

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Lake Nipissing is home for West Nipissing Resort. As the name implies West Nipissing Resort is located on Lake Nipissing's West side. "The West is The Best", This phrase is truly an understatement. West Nipissing is home to many fish species and fish structure that is unmatched anywhere else on Lake Nipissing and probably Ontario for that matter. Species include: Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye, Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass, Jumbo Perch, Pan Fish (Blue Gill) and Cat Fish. West Nipissing rebels the famous French River for it's breath taking beauty. 100's of islands, calm bays, inlets, treed and rocky shoreline. Adding to this beautiful array of fish habitat and scenery is West Nipissings unique and unmatched fish structure which creates a paradise Lots Of Fish call home. West Nipissing has 100's of sunken islands, shoals, weed flats, rock beds, weed beds, weed lines and drop offs. The waters are filled with bait fish. Lake Nipissing is in area 27 of the MNR's fishing guide.

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What truly makes West Nipissing and West Nipissing Resort unique is the fact that it provides a fisherman with access to so many different areas. A fisherman has access to all of the following bays within 20 minutes via boat from West Nipissing Resort: Mid West Bay, Lake Nipissing, Cache Bay, Lake Nipissing, Colins Bay, Lake Nipissing, West Bay Lake Nipissing, Hardwood Islands, Lake Nipissing, Lake Nipissing itself and the French River, which flows out of Lake Nipissing is just 45 minutes away!

Truly, fishing at West Nipissing Resort supplies you, the fisherman with so many opportunites that it is impossible not to catch