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Igloo Building

Igloo Building

Experience the thrill of building an igloo. We can help you build an Igloo during your stay at West Nipissing Resort. Play in it, fish from it or even sleep in it. Just like the Eskimos! Pick the spot you want and with our experienced builders, build an igloo you can call your own. Truly a memory that will last a lifetime!

The packages below include our Lakeside Chalet with all of its' ammenities as well as the help in building your very own igloo during your stay. Once built you can: sleep in it, play in it, fish from it, hang out in it, it's up to you!
2 night 2 day Igloo Package $700
3 night 3 day Igloo Package $925
Weekly $1400

Igloos's are fun, warm and are great to have a family meal in, sleep in, or fish from!

West Nipissing Resort's Igloo Building is a great way to enjoy our winter season!

Your Igloo will be strong enough to stand on!